Protecting your vacation with travel insurance

We are often asked, “Does my health insurance cover me out of the county and while traveling?”

The answer may be yes or no or somewhere in-between depending on your insurance. The best advice is to check with your insurance agent before you book a trip. Medicare, for instance, does not cover you outside of the United States.

There are some supplements that do offer some coverage, but not all plans do. In my past life as a tour planner for mostly senior groups, we advised everyone to take trip cancellation insurance with some emergency medical coverage. We had good experiences and bad – the bad only from those that did not take it and ended up ill in a foreign country.

Even traveling within the United States a trip cancellation policy can save the day when you or a family member becomes too ill to travel at the last minute or needs to interrupt a trip due to illness.

Cancellation penalties can be steep, so in addition to missing the trip of a lifetime, you lose hard earned cash. A trip cancellation policy can pay not only for cancellation penalties, portions of your travel you do not use in the case of illness, but travel delay if flights are delayed and you miss your flight, baggage among other things.