Dental Plans

There are two types of “stand alone” dental coverage available for individuals and families: Full dental plans & Discount plans.

Full Dental Plans

What are Full Dental Plans?


  • They reimburse you or the dental provider for the actual dental costs.
  • They give you negotiated AND discounted prices if you use network providers.
  • If all your providers are “In-Network” purchase the “Dental Value” plan.
  • Be aware of waiting periods before certain procedures are covered.
  • Vision coverage can be added at a favorable rate.

Discount Dental Plans

What are Discount plans?

  • Discount plans are not insurance plans. They offer a reduced rate on dentistry.
  • You must use a dentist in their network in order to benefit. Therefore, we generally recommend this option if your dentist is in one of the networks.
  • The premiums are lower than full dental plans:
  • Between $80-$160 per year for individuals
  • Between $120-$200 per year for families
  • Some plans include vision benefits and free cleanings.
  • In the link below you will be able to choose from a few different discount dental providers. There is a tool to look up dentists to see which plans they accept as well as a tool to look up participating dentists for any plan. There are also screens which show the potential discount for each type of dental procedure. You can sign up for a plan directly from this link.


***Alternatives to “stand alone” plans are available with other carriers who offer dental coverage as an “add on” option to accompany their health plans.
Another alternative is Group Dental coverage