The Debate over ACA Repeal and Replace Will Take Some Time

It is not clear whether the Republican Freedom Caucus in the House, which is fiscally conservative, will embrace the Patient Freedom Act. Senator Cassidy suggested in a press conference yesterday that his bill would initially cost the federal government about the same as Obamacare, but is expected to bend the cost curve over time by […]

Sen Cassidy and Collins’ Proposal Offers a Moderate “Repeal & Replace” Marker

The “Patient Freedom Act of 2017” attracted attention yesterday as an attempt to find a middle ground on ACA repeal that might attract some Democrat votes. The proposal allows states the option to continue offering coverage on public exchanges. If states choose to drop Obamacare, the legislation would allow them to implement an alternative plan […]

Our DC Experts Weigh In on the President’s Executive Order

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order that instructs his administration to waive, defer and exempt as much of Obamacare as possible. Yesterday, two Republican Senators, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Susan Collins of Maine, proposed a partial replacement for the ACA, termed “The Patient Freedom Act of 2017.” Our DC experts believe that […]

CT Mammography

September 18, 2012  Starting Jan 1 2012 a CT law kicked in requiring insurance companies to cover in the same way mammograms or the ultrasound type of mammograms used for women with denser tissues where regular mammograms don’t show up clearly. About 15% of women require this type of mammogram. For anyone who has an […]

Group term life – Is it a good deal?

August 25, 2011 Many people have access to life insurance through an employer or association, such as the AMA, American Dental Association, teachers association or local Union. When these plans are compared to commercially available individual term life insurance plans they often appear to be less expensive. These plans typically still require you to be […]

Comment on Anthem rate filing (public hearing Aug 3rd)

The Anthem individual health plans are filed with a provision to pay NO commission to brokers for on exchange policies as well as policies during the year allowed through special enrollment. As a broker who has over 800 clients currently on the exchange this worries me a lot for two reasons. First having no commission […]

Things to consider when choosing a financial planner:

It is good to meet w/ a financial planner. Too few people even bother taking this approach to planning. Some planners are fee based and give recommendations, but do not sell any products. They are rare and tend to be expensive. It is the best kind of person to work with because many recommendations may […]

Response to a op-ed

I am replying to a June 28th op-ed by State Senators Kevin Kelly and Tony Hwang concerning health insurance rate increases for the next year. The article seems to be a thinly veiled polemic rather than an evenhanded way to address the issues and deal with the subject responsibly. As I have much experience, having […]

The secret of using permanent life insurance as an investment, beat the IRS.

You can think of permanent life insurance as a bucket of money; each year you add more to the bucket, each year the cost of insurance, and administrative charges, are taken from the bucket. This cost goes up a bit each year as you get older. Whatever is left in the bucket is invested and […]

Access Health CT Marketplace

There have been a few letters printed recently complaining about the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as “Obamacare”. Where others see socialist or evil conspiracies I simply see bureaucratic ineptitude. Where some are not willing to admit any problems, I see many. My insurance agency, HIQS Group located in Bethel, has placed around 400 people […]