Accident medical plans are an attractive option because at about $60 per month for a family, they provide an affordable supplement to in-force health insurance policies. These accident plans mitigate the risk of high deductible health insurance plans, by covering most, if not all of these out of pocket deductible expenditures. These plans should be utilized as an addendum to a permanent health policy, and should not be considered as an alternative to a health insurance policy.

These policies have a much broader scope of coverage than just auto accidents; any injuries, such as insect or animal bites, falling on icy surfaces, or kids sports injuries are covered too!

Accident plans do not require medical underwriting as they are guaranteed issue to all applicants between the ages of 18 and 64. Further, dependents on a parent’s plan are guaranteed coverage up to age 26.

After meeting a low deductible of your choice between $100 and $500, the accident plan benefits activate once you require medical care within 72 hours of an accident. Covered expenses could include follow up care for the same injury. As always, refer to the plan description for details. Owning these policies no longer jeopardizes those who in the past would avoid going to the ER or walk in clinic, as the expense for these visits is limited to the low deductible.